P Nelson
Is an erotic fiction author currently working on her first series The Dom's of the Cage set in a fictional dungeon in Vancouver, BC


P Nelson is a hometown Vancouver girl. Well travelled with a penchant for a cool G&T while hanging with great friends. A reluctantly bold skier with just enough witty humour to get her into trouble. P Nelson's husband drags her and their little cheeky girl from country to country with his work which provides many sights and experiences.

P Nelson's passion is writing.  The connection to the reader has been a great experience. But quite simply,  P Nelson writes that she wants to read. 

P Nelson starting publishing her erotic romance series The Doms of the Cage early this year with the release of her debut novel Take My Hand. ​This novel being so well recieved P Nelson got ambitious and set herself to publish the following two prequel novels:

Our First Dance, Aug 11th, 2017 

The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon, Oct 6th, 2017

These prequels will be followed up by her second full length novel;

The Heart of the Matter, Mid Nov, 2017

Most of P Nelsons inpiration for stories come from character development. She then imagines how they might behave in certain situations, under specific pressures. Most importantly however, P Nelson writes the stories based on what she beleives the main characters reactions are to the other characters. The underlying plot provides the story guidance but the character reactions add the real grit.

P Nelson has plans for a full publication schedule for 2018, to find out more details sign up for her newsletter at pnelsonwrites@gmail.com